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Thamesmeadcbs Events


We partner with residents, Peabody and various other organizations for community events to benefit the local residents

Upcoming Events

Bexley Eco Event.png

Bexley Eco Festival 2022

The Nest, Cygnet Square

25th June, 2022

Spring has most certainly sprung in Thamesmead. The Bexley Eco Festival themes on 25th June will be Wellbeing & Environmental. This year's festival brings a weeks' worth of interactive activities, featuring a school dedicated day.

Past Events

Gather and Grow

April 2022

Gather and Grow event was Groundworks/ Peabody led event, supported by TCBS, who marketed and help run day. It involve bringing the local community together to show them the benefit of health, gardening, seed swap, community cohesion and much more, around the Edible & Atrium community centre garden.

Tea & Biscuits

December 2021

This was a community engagement event. First of it kind, to open up the Atrium to use it as a community centre rather than as just a space. We wanted to see what local  residents wanted to happen in the centre. By providing food & refreshments and offering cooking demonstrations, we encourage local residents to engage with each other and bring ideas about what that they want to happen in their community, to move forward with a community spirit.

Edible Garden Community Garden Barbeque

July 2021

After the opening of the Edible garden on Maran way. Local residents organised a community BBQ in the Edible garden, to engage the local community about growing vegetables and fruit, to be used for healthy eating. We had both young & old residents and animals involved. Cooking, eating, playing and talking.

This Is How We Roll

Photos from our events