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We enable people to develop their own community ownership plans, projects and businesses under the umbrella of the co-operative.

Thamesmeadcbs Projects

Thamesmead Bloomin

THAMESMEAD BLOOMIN  is a project led by a group of  local residents, living in the Thamesmead area. It is an organisation which aims to bring Nature into the grey urban landscape of Thamesmead. We intend on doing this by bringing nature and colourful plants to local people's balconies, patios, walls and homes frontages. We created a local initiative, that will spread among residents, leading by example. We will encourage people to join this initiative and assist them to maintain this project, into the future.  Thamesmead in Bloom will encourage nature, colour and home gardening. 

Nature - Art

NATURE- ART Mural piece was a Dynamic project, bringing art and nature together in Thamesmead. The aim is to involve a local artist, Gary Drostle, who aims to encompass nature and art into the grey urban landscape of Thamesmead. It brought together colourful art and climbing plants to a local Thamesmead wall facade, along a frequently used and key walkway in Thamesmead. We created a local initiative, that will bring art and nature together, so that local residents and the broader community can enjoy and to lead by example. 

Edible Garden / Atrium Centre

Creating a connection between the Edible garden and the Atrium community centre garden. To bring from seed to table and teaching healthy eating to local residents. We want to have composting, seed swapping, bee keeping, cooking classes, gardening skills, etc

Painting & Decorating Classes

Kim Teasdale will be running Decorating classes for Thamesmead residents as well as a decorating Podcast which will teach them skills including:
- House painting (including preparation)
- Furniture restoration
- Wallpapering
- Paint spraying
- Best tools and materials to use for any decorating project.


The pilot course will run for 3 months at no cost to the participants. There will be groups of 4 clients per course. Each course will run for 4 Saturdays over 4 weeks. Each session will be 3 hours long and initially we aim to reach 12 participants.

She will also set up a WhatsApp group so all participants are able to ask questions and get any support they need during and after the course.

Kim Teasdale has 20 year experience of working in the industry, starting on Construction site crews before launching her own high end Decorating business. She also has experience working in Film & Television set construction. Kim is very interested in investigating the latest techniques and tools to ensure that she is able teach skills which will stand the test of time.