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Iconic view of Thamesmead town

Ownership Builds Confidence

Developing community projects that bring ownership, inclusivity, empowerment and Well being.

Thamesmead community people


The Thamesmead Community Benefit Society (TCBS) is a newly formed organisation made up of Thamesmead residents and community development enthusiasts. Many have been involved with the South Thamesmead Garden Estate Project already through the Community Design Collective. TCBS will empower local people to bring what they want and need to their community.


Our Projects

Thamesmead Blooming

Thamesmead Bloomin

Thamesmead Bloomin Is a project led by a group of  local residents, living in the Thamesmead area. It is an organisation which aims to bring Nature into the grey urban landscape of Thamesmead. We intend on doing this by bringing nature and colourful plants to local people's balconies, patios, walls and homes frontages. 

Mural created by Gary of Drostle Artworks

Nature - Art

Nature - Art Mural piece was a Dynamic project, bringing art and nature together in Thamesmead. The aim is to involve a local artist, Gary Drostle, who aims to encompass nature and art into the grey urban landscape of Thamesmead.  It brought together colourful art and climbing plants to a local Thamesmead wall facade, along a frequently used and key walkway in Thamesmead. 


We have been working with the members of TCBS for a number of years now and we have been impressed and pleased by the community spirit and energy that they bring to the table and their practical, get-it-done approach to local activities.

Sean, Groundwork

Cory is delighted to be working in partnership with TCBS in preparation for the Bexley Eco Festival, not only have they opened loads of doors in getting the local community networking together, they have played a key role in identifying cost effective solutions with local businesses

Fiona, Manager CORY

TCBS offers valuable support to the Edible Garden and the Atrium’s garden. Each member shows hight interest in community engagement. They are full of initiatives, dedication and enthusiasm. TCBS is a great group to be part of and work with!

Georgiana, Peabody

I’ve been looking at the garden for two years and wanting to fill it with colour.
I’ve previously owned a small nursery which I used to run from my scrap yard.
My love for gardening and flowers has been ignited again.


Chris: Local Thamesmead resident

Upcoming Events

Bexley Eco Event.png

Bexley Eco Festival 2022

The Nest, Cygnet Square

25th June, 2022

Spring has most certainly sprung in Thamesmead. The Bexley Eco Festival themes on 25th June will be Wellbeing & Environmental. This year's festival brings a weeks' worth of interactive activities, featuring a school dedicated day.

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