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Thamesmeadcbs Team

Who are we?

We create a sense of community ownership, and help empower local people to be proud to live and work in Thamesmead.





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Thamesmead Community Benefit Society (TCBS)

The TCBS is a newly formed organisation made up of Thamesmead residents and community development enthusiasts. Many have been involved with the South Thamesmead Garden Estate Project already through the Community Design Collective.


The benefit society was formed in July 2021. Terms of reference and Code of Conduct for the benefit society are being put together ready to share with Thamesmead development partner organisations and to support applications for funding. Additionally, a number of policies including Health and Safety, Governance, Remuneration and Data Protection are being developed. 


Thamesmead Community Benefit Society will empower local people to bring what they want and need to their community. 

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